Sahale Arm

Contrasting the oversaturated pour over aesthetic.


Market Research

Engineering Research

  • Steeping myself in the knowledge and literature of coffee science.
  • Learning about materials' thermal properties and manufacturing capabilities.


Contrasting Product Language

Bold and weighty.
Striking and definite.
Formal and ornate.
Dramatic and theatrical.


"The coffee maker is an extension of the barista."

The SCAA Flavor Wheel1

Visually reflect common coffee flavors: cocoa, nutty, brown sugar.

The SCAA Flavor Wheel

Sketching samples

Sketching through different concepts at every stage of the design process: the product idea, aesthetic, features, and engineering.

Prototyping form, function, and manufacturing methods


Design for Manufacturability

  • Only rudimentary manufacturing processes available


  • Even extraction of coffee solubles
  • Food-safe, water-tolerant materials
  • Ten week timeline
  • Brew group fits standard filter papers

Criteria for Success

  • Lack of strong persona
  • Insufficient needfinding research

Design Review

This project would have been better served through:

  • Better defined design requirements.
  • More thorough testing.
Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test

Nimbus and Jettison

Nimbus and Jettison