Hi. I'm Nicky.

I recently graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Product Design and more recently became a New Yorker. I am a product designer with an engineer's technical ability, a designer's sensibility, and a researcher's perceptibility.

I excel in the research and engineering phases of product development, but am experienced across the design process. My versatility allows me to advocate the user's needs throughout and ensure a human-centered approach that does not shortchange the user experience. At the same time, I believe an understanding of business models, value proposition, and product strategy is a designer's secret weapon; it is foundational to my process.

Curiosity has led me to teach myself SolidWorks, the Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, basics of microelectronics, and others.

In my free time, I cultivate my blooming passion for coffee, which intersects with my interests in design and engineering. I also pursue my enthusiasm for writing and learning new tools.